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For Patients

The main object of this project is to provide complete free treatment to all confirmed T.B. Patients irrespective of whether they are sputum positive or negative as per the advice of our specialists.

Mai Adhar Kendra is a recent project started in 1997 by Medical Association of Ichalkaranji for the benefit of HIV/AIDS patinets.

Mai Bal Vidya mandir is the main social and cultural activity of our ladies wing known as Mai Mahila Mandal.

Keeping yourself healthy. System, Disorder & Treatments.

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Welcome to Medical Association of Ichalkaranji

Medical Association of Ichalkaranji is a local Medico-Social service organisation of qualified & duly registered medical practitioners of all systems of medicines practising in Ichalkaranji & outskirts of Ichalkaranji. The main aim of this association is to make available medical treatment either free or at minimum cost by establishing charitable institutes like T.B. Clinic, T.B. Sanitorium, General Hospital, Adhar Kendra and to organise & develop all socio-medical activities & face local problems unitedly. So the Medical Association of Ichalkaranji came into existance in 1975.


B.N.Kalyani,Chairman - Bharat Forge Pune.   Narayan Murthy,Ex President - Infosys Private Ltd.Banglore.   B.G.Shirke,Civil Contractor Pune.   Panditrao Kulkarni,Chairman -FIE Ichalkaranji.   Kishorset Musale,Kishorset Musale Trust Mumbai.  Miss Susan & Carol,USA - Social Worker USA.   Dr.B.A.Lande,Founder Member-Medical Association Ichalkaranji.   Ramesh Kulkarni,Chairman - Ganesh Foundry Ichalkaranji.   Phatak N.R,Industrialist-Sizing Ichalkaranji.   Manoher Jather,Industrialist Ichalkaranji.   Mr.Hammond,Past President -Rotary Club Of Poughkeepis USA.

Our Request

We have to depend more on our own reserves of drugs in addition to the drugs supplied by D.T.O. Kolhapur. Under such circumstances, we need your help in the form of donations to purchase medicines & to meet the expenses of other service and activities. We render complete free treatment to all T.B. Patients. We immunize all children free of cost, so your precious help in the form of donation is earnestly solicited. Now our T.B.Clinic is recognized by District T.B. Office & our T.B.Clinic has DOT centre, a “Sanjivani” for T.B.patients

Our Previlege

As an acknowledgement of meritorious services rendered to down-trodden & sick, on 6th June 1976 our institution received a prestigious FIE FOUNDATION AWARD.

Recently in June 2000 Medical Association of Ichalkaranji has been felicitated by Rotary club of Ichalkaranji (Central) & Late Shri Dagdulal Marda Charitable & Research Foundation, Ichalkaranji for the outstanding work in Medico-Social Services.

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