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Mai Adhar Kendra is a proud project started in 1997 by Medical Association of Ichalkaranji for the benefit of HIV/AIDS patinets.It's primary object was to work as a Counselling Centre to help & guide them.It was noticed that majority of T.B. patients have HIV in addition to T.B. & Hence they were not responding even to IInd line Anti T.B. Drugs. So we decided to start work in HIV/AIDS. That is how "MAI ADHAR KENDRA" the second proud project of Medical Association was born on Oct 1997. It is certainly going to be a real 'Adhar' & Hope Centre for the victim of AIDS.The response to Adhar Kendra was too good & in a short time we have registered more than 2000 patients till date 31/12/2010. We are proud, we have given them the moral support, scientific knowledge &  treatment and courage to face the situation.All our patients very well know that AIDS is a chronic manageable disease. We have already started free treatment to pregnant HIV+ve mothers & the new born to prevent mother to child transmission of infection.

MAI Adhar kendra

Bal Vidhya Mandir


For Patients


MAI Adhar Kendra Physicians

  Dr. A. K. Chougule

  Dr. M. D. Dangare

  Dr. S. K. Kalkadkar

  Dr. S. P. Marda

Our Diagnostic Center

  Dr. K. M. Magdum

Recently, we have started a diagnostic centre of HIV with the help from Rotary Club of Ichalkaranji, Rotary Club of Poughkeepsie (New York) Rotary International. Miss Carrol & Miss Susan, social workers & our well wishers in USA played a significant role in getting this matching grant sanctioned. Here facilities for Elisa HIV Test are available as Free to T.B. Clinic patients & at just nominal charges to other patients. This very useful project is the fruit of Rtn. Shri S.N. Agarwal- Project Director (Rotary Club of Ichalkaranji) untiring efforts & constant follow up.

Although AIDS is potentially serious condition, people with HIV & AIDS are now living longer & enjoying healthier lives, thanks to new & effective medicines. Our Mai Adhar Kendra is now full-fledged Anti HIV Centre with facilities of

a) Free counselling 

b) Free treatment of symptomatic & opportunistic infections 

c) Regular subsidized treatment with ART drugs under "Share and Care project.

Total number of patients registered-2000, Male - 1185 Female - 815, Follow up every month - 200-250, Patients on ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) - 250.

  Dr. Shrikant Patil

  Dr. Nitin Jadhav

  Dr. A. D. Ghatte

  Dr. C. D. Ligade

  Dr. Y. B. More

  Dr. Mrs. J. P.   Badbade

  Dr. Mrs. Shobha   Lande

  Dr. Mrs. M. M. Patil

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